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Are you fucking serious?




No amount of hot showers will get rid of the glitter on me now. Hopefully you guys think it was worth it!

your beard is the night that poets write about

so beautiful.

i’m crying this is so beautiful
D’awww. Babe passed the eff out before we could even put our clean sheets on the bed.
Agh. I accidentally hit unfollow. My bad.

No worries! ^_^


"They met Iggy Pop."Submitted By: Anna S.Location: California, United States

Jonny just looked at me said, “when are we getting married? Wanna elope today?”.

The fact that he’s half serious makes me want to convince the homing half of him to do it now!


*says i’m not mad*

*stays furious*

/eyeroll. Stfu please.
Babe and I are clearly excited to be at the laundromat. Fuck you, broken dryer! You’re why we’re in this shit hole for the next two hours!

I am human trash #lookcuteinperson #cannottakeaselfieworthadamn #vegansofig


Baby gets me coffee and breakfast every morning, and now he’s playing me the cheesy 80’s synth pop I love. And this is why I love him so much.

I accidentally butt followed people

I guess I left my followers list up and added a lot of you. I then quickly unfollowed a lot since my butt decided to follow porn blogs and people I don’t like/wish would unfollow me