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Forever in love with Manson from the Spooky Kids days. I want that Manson back. <3

Vegan friends, halp!

What’s your opinion on buying leather second hand? 

Nothing makes me feel more adorable than wearing a super femme dress with combat boots. I won the thrift store today. 

K-hole. Never, ever again. Haha




Chicago’s newest attraction - a 1000ft-high viewing platform that offers spectacular downward facing views over the city. TILT is housed in 360 CHICAGO on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Tower and, as the name suggests, the enclosed glass and steel platform tilts visitors forward for a unique perspective of the city’s The Magnificent Mile. (Source)

This is terrifying

No thanks I’ll pass

Whoa! nope im good

A big bag of NOPE!

He’s so cute it literally hurts and I just love him too much and want to get married and make cute little babies and I’m going to shut up now so y’all don’t get sick of me or unfollow me.

Listening to The Cure while you’re feeling all mushy and romantic while your partner isn’t around is torture. I want to plant a million kisses on him and tell him I love him until he begs me to shut up, all while Robert Smith sings to us. I want to dance around like idiots to bad music, I want to make him feel like he’s the most special person to ever exist, I want to cook him a big breakfast while he sleeps and wake him for food and sleepy sex. I want to go out and people watch at a bar with him while we secretly make fun of the patrons, then buy them a drink because we feel so bad. I want to cuddle in bed with the cats while we watch some cheesy 80’s movie. I want to see his his smile and hear his laugh. And it’s not even like I haven’t seen him recently. We’re really only apart for three days max, but it always feels like weeks. 

I am so disgustingly in love. 


I’m getting all emotional watching baby stuff. Seriously, where is this baby fever coming from? I literally wanted nothing to do with being a mother, and baby fever hits me like a ton of bricks out of nowhere? What is this?!

Totally keep forgetting babe bought us tickets to see Violent Femmes next weekend. CAN’T. WAIT! 

Aaaaand Joe played the best hand ever.
Ugh. I need new boots!