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I’m drunk at 9am on a weekday

Successful adult living, y’all. 

Is it normal to have one side of your jaw still hurt a week after you gave some serious oral? Because this sucks. 

I promised my friend I would go see Lady Gaga with him so he didn’t have to go alone. I have never been more annoyed, rolled my eyes and laughed more at an act or their audience more than I did tonight. Fuck Gaga. 

I love when people say things, and they don’t realize what exactly they’re saying. Like when somebody talks about that study you’re both going to have in your house together, or how he’s going to eventually be your silver fox, how he calls his bed and room *our* bed and *our* room. I’m pretty sure he’s just talking, not really thinking of the implications. But he’s talking about getting a house together and having our own proper study, growing gray together, and calling his possessions mine. That’s amazing. When people say the most romantic, comforting things when they have no idea they’re doing it. No pretense. No forced moments. Just pure intentions, wishes and desires. 

Listen to people. You hear a lot more when you do. 


I mean, truly…. 

Why is a woman having 5 penises in her mouth more acceptable than a fat girl eating a hamburger?!!?? 


I don’t like what is implied here. Nothing is wrong with either, so shhhhh.








Jury nullification. Pass it on.

Jury nullification is so fucking important.

This is something that more people should be aware of, if only because (in many states, at least) defense attorneys are actually prohibited from mentioning it to jurors. The law allows a jury to return a “not guilty” verdict contrary to the facts of the case, but not for the defense to inform them of that power or to argue for its application in the current trial.

I didn’t know about this. Wow.

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This is SUPER IMPORTANT and also a good reason to show up for jury duty. You know all those laws you think are stupid? This is your chance to maybe do something about it. 

I…. I thought this was common knowledge… signal boosting this because it obviously isn’t!
White Privilege: The Tools


The favorite tool used in White Privilege is willful ignorance. You speak with no factual proof and have your words accepted as truth.

If you are white and you tell me that you’ve never heard someone say “If I were a minority I bet I would have gotten in to college/gotten a scholarship” or “

Douche bag white boys

Who think they get to use the “N” word in a “non-racist” context  in reference to black people. Fuck off. 

Love songs make me all gushy and cry now. It’s awesome. Also, it’s stupid. <3



"I love Your Guts" latex dress by Vital Vein Fashion

It’s crucial to my being that I own this dress.

Oh, hey! It&#8217;s Leigh Ann&#8217;s clothing! Buy ALL her stuff! She&#8217;s super sweet and she makes the best stuff. Yay local designers! 

Ugh, my butt and back <3

Jonny used the riding crop on me and he finally used it super hard. Welts, bruising and bleeding. <3 Some people are cute when they say they like it rough when they really mean they like a light spanking and light hair pulling. ;P

Modern feminism has morphed into something completely different to what it was say 30-40 years ago. Unfortunately people no longer see it as strengthening women as much as weakening men. As a female I wish that I could still call myself a feminist as I did before Tumblr got a hold of the movement, but I would be embarrassed to be involved with that title now. I'm happy to call myself a human rights activist, and not put down any gender but fight for more rights for everyone.


You see this is saddening :(

Somebody doesn’t understand what feminism means…