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Good night, moon.
Have you really ever been in love looking back on all your past relationships?

This is random…but you know, I was actually just talking about this the other night!

The answer is twice. I am in love right now, and Jonny and I just admitted/said it to each other for the first time a couple nights ago. 

The other time I was truly in love was actually my first boyfriend in high school. Everyone else I said I loved was more out of infatuation, lust or comfort, OR I was in love with the idea of them but not them as a person if that makes sense. So, looking back objectively in hindsight, I wasted a lot of time being confused about being in love. Sorry, past ladies and dudes. 

Wow, you're such a beauty! So you still let your bodyhair grow? Would love to see more :P

None of your business and no.

Babe took me out for vegan noms today while he looked way too handsome. 

Hey, Tuesday. Fuck you.
I was in a bad mood, and this was the first thing to make me smile all day <3