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This is why I love him, haha. <3

I shouldn’t have to deal with a uterus

If I don’t plan on ever using it for it’s intended purpose. Also, quit throwing a fucking temper tantrum because I didn’t let you get knocked up again this month. 

My sleepy Jonny is the cutest Jonny. 
Good night, moon.
Have you really ever been in love looking back on all your past relationships?

This is random…but you know, I was actually just talking about this the other night!

The answer is twice. I am in love right now, and Jonny and I just admitted/said it to each other for the first time a couple nights ago. 

The other time I was truly in love was actually my first boyfriend in high school. Everyone else I said I loved was more out of infatuation, lust or comfort, OR I was in love with the idea of them but not them as a person if that makes sense. So, looking back objectively in hindsight, I wasted a lot of time being confused about being in love. Sorry, past ladies and dudes. 

Wow, you're such a beauty! So you still let your bodyhair grow? Would love to see more :P

None of your business and no.